[Official PV] 李志(リージー/Lizhi)「この世界に未来はあるの?(这个世界会好吗/Has man a future?)」

Directed & Edited by 喜多直人(Kita Naoto)
Produced by PANDA RECORD


[Official PV] 莫西子诗(モーシー/Moxi Zishi)「月はとても白い(月光白得很/Moon is very white)」

Directed & Edited by 喜多直人(Kita Naoto)
Produced by PANDA RECORD


[Official MV] Question Childrel (問題児) ”Yellow Magic Carnival”
Covered song of TIN PAN ALLEY(ティン・パン・アレイ)

Directed & Edited by 静電場朔(セイデンバ・サク / Dian)
Word & Song is written by Haruomi Hosono (細野晴臣)
Produced by 大宇宙醸

©1975 by Crown Music,Inc.


Video Letter from Cheng Bi (程璧/チェン・ビー) 2015 winter

  • Release: 31/Dec/2015
  • Place: Daikanyama Shibuya-ku Tokyo, JAPAN


[PV]月亮与海(Moon and Sea/月と海)by 莫西子诗(モーシー/Moxi Zishi) 

  • Release: 1st/Sep/2014
  • Place: Beijing


[PV]I want to waste time with you(あなたと上の空/ 我想和你虚度时光) by チェン・ビー(Cheng Bi / 程璧)

  • Release: 1st/Jul/2015
  • Place: Beijing


[PV]”No Surprises” covered by チェン・ビー(Cheng Bi / 程璧)

  • Release: 1st/May/2014
  • Producer: 王天居(Wang Tianju)O2录音棚[O2 Recording Studio[Beijing]]
  • Director: 铁阳
  • Place: “鹊” 餐厅[Beijing]

Words and Music by Colin Greenwood, Jonathan Greenwood, Edward O’Brien, Philip Selway and ThomasYorke
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Rights for Japan administered by WARNER/CHAPPELL MUSIC JAPAN, K.K.


[PV]Artist Introduction of チェン・ビー(Cheng Bi / 程璧)

  • Release: 9/Mar/2014
  • Direction&Camera: Yuki Totori
  • Edition: 程璧(Cheng Bi)
  • Place: 渋谷(Shibuya)[Tokyo]


[PV]”思故乡(Nostalgia/ふるさと)”by チェン・ビー(Cheng Bi / 程璧)

  • Release: 15/Mar/2014
  • Direction&Edition: 程璧(Cheng Bi)
  • Camera: チ・シュンエイ
  • Makeup:シン・エキ
  • Place: 等々力渓谷(Todoroki Valley)[Tokyo]


[PV] For the One in Summer(夏の記憶 / 给猫夏的你) by チェン・ビー(Cheng Bi / 程璧)

  • Release: 9/Apr/2014
  • Direction&Edition: 程璧(Cheng Bi)
  • Camera: Joy
  • Place: 旧朝倉家住宅(Kyu Asakura House),渋谷(Shibuya)[Tokyo]