程璧(Cheng Bi/チェン・ビー) released new album “我想和你虚度时光(I want to waste time with you/あなたと上の空 )

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[Album Title]
“I want waste time with you (あなたと上の空 / 我想和你虚度时光)”

01:Song for juvenile(少年の歌/给少年的歌)
02:Night of spring equinox(春分の夜/春分的夜)
03:My home(私のおうち/我的家门口)
04:Okinawan folk(沖縄民謡/冲绳民谣)
05:Rainy season(梅雨/梅雨)
06:I want to waste time with you(あなたと上の空/我想和你虚度时光)
08:Wind dust in love(恋の風埃/恋恋风尘)
09:I love all things incomplete(愛しき不完全/我喜爱一切不彻底的事物)

[Massage from Cheng Bi(程璧)]



关于专辑名《我想和你虚度时光》,来自刚刚获得鲁迅文学奖的诗人李元胜的一首诗。这是我最喜爱的一种诗歌样式,不规整的句子,不押韵,散淡,平常,但是突然会有一句直达内心最柔软的地方。想起辛波斯卡那句“我偏爱写诗的荒谬,胜过不写诗的荒谬。” 写诗,唱歌,这些在一些人眼里也都只是些荒谬的事情吧。但我宁愿这样。

程璧(Cheng Bi)

[Liner Notes]

「あなたと上の空(我想和你虚度时光/I want to waste time with you)」は、そんな新しい風景を僕達に見せてくれるアルバムだ。


次にリリースされた2枚目のアルバム「詩遇上歌(Poetry Meets Song)」(2014年8月発売)は、程璧(チェン・ビー)にとって本格的なデビューアルバムとなる。
日本を代表する詩人である谷川俊太郎の「春的臨終」を始め、中国の現代詩人の北島(Bei Dao)、西川(Xi Chuan)などの詩を得た彼女は、このアルバムで「詩」と「歌」の結晶を見せた。

何より、プロデューサーのモーシー(莫西子诗/Moxi Zishi)が、程璧(チェン・ビー)の内面に秘めていた音楽性を引き出している。


“朝がくる 鳥が鳴く これがわが家”



[Liner Notes]

Cheng Bi go out on a journey with her song that is getting wings.

Chinese Southern culture, Okinawa, Tokyo, and Shandong of her hometown.
It is refreshing to jump adventure the language and ethnic.
” I want to waste time with you” is album to show me such a new landscape to us.

I was first heard the music of Cheng Bi, self-produced album”ANNA’s PATIO” which was released first
It’s a simple album, which is composed only of vocals and guitar, innocent heart and strong intention above all with her voice was impressive.
Perhaps, the initial impulse and joy for her music all would have been put in this album.

Then second album was released, ” Poetry Meets Song” (released in August 2014) is a full-fledged debut album for the Cheng Bi.
She got a poem such as starting with “Dying in Spring” is Tanikawa Shuntaro poet representing Japan, Bei Dao and Xi Chuan of China’s modern poet, showed a crystal of the “poem”and”song” in this album .

And, this album “I want to waste time with you”.
This album is refreshing to jump over wide variety of culture, such as, Chinese and southern culture, Okinawa, Tokyo.
Ethnic instrument sounds occasionally, Okinawa scale, gentle ukulele like listening in Tokyo cafe.

If you’re listening, you can become a comfortable, such as a journey though.
More than anything, producer of “Moxi Zhishi ” have pulled out music that has been hidden in the inner surface of the extent Cheng Bi.
Strong and deep mind with the “Moxi Zhishi” also play an active role as an artist is, he she gave wings.

Beginning in “Okinawa folk song” , Cheng Bi sing.

“Morning comes, bird crows, this is my home”

The most important is the origin for her began the “journey” of music. It might be a home landscape that will not change forever that is in her mind.

July, 2015
Naoto Kita